About Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu

This mission was unveiled in the year 1996 and the last fourteen years have seen numerous activities and projects grow towards its realization.

Today bhaktas of Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu have transcended all barriers of religion, caste, creed and nationality and spread not only across India but all over the globe. With the divine grace and inspiration of Sadguru Bapu, so many activities and projects happen constantly and so the volume of information to be communicated has increased manifold. manasamarthyadatas.com formed under the leadership and guidance of Sameer Dada, seeks to connect all bhakta friends of Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu from all over the world to the events and happenings back home.

What is it that sets him apart from others on the face of this earth? HE is indeed a SADGURU who defies convention, whose profile is unique. A qualified doctor, MD – Medicine - a Rheumatologist of repute, he was born on the most auspicious day of Kartik Pournima (Tripurari Pournima) on November 18, 1956, in the early hours of dawn, at thirty five minutes past four.

A complete family man like any of us, he lives with his wife who is most reverently addressed as Nanda Mata, and his children – his son Pauras and his daughter Shakambhari.
And so this perfect family person leading by example communicates through his own conduct that it is very much possible to achieve the highest purpose in life without in any way, turning away from worldly life. Spirituality does not in any way imply apathy towards worldly affairs. It consists in never losing sight of the fact that life is an offering unto the bhagavanta and every moment of our life is open to him. It is therefore a way of life….. a path that brings everlasting joy and peace. And that is what this unique Sadguru wants for all of His friends.

“I shall fill this world with happiness and abound with joy, all that be” Yes, that is his resolve, his wish for all of his friends and yes, that is the role He wishes to play – the role of a true friend, ‘I am not an avatar, not of anybody. I am Aniruddha….I am your friend, a friend who wants to see you happy”….
And so it will be…. as the very reassuring pledge of this ‘Friend’ is
‘You and Me firm together, nothing can stand in the way, ever!’

I Am with You, your companion, Be sure;
that All times, whatever your course.
You may, though for a rare moment, forget Me;
I will not, never, that's My word.

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